Crystal Grid of the Month

Victim Mindset

Release your victim mentality with this healing and reflective grid.

You will need:

1 large Rose Quartz piece

4 Clear Quartz points

5 Rhodonite

3 Lepidolite

1 pink candle

Palo Santo/Smudging Stick

Crystal Grid
  1. Cleanse your crystals and your grid with Palo Santo or your smudging stick.
  2. Light your pink candle.
  3. Place your Rose Quartz in the center of your grid. This stone helps you release negative feelings towards yourself and your life situation.
  4. Add the four Clear Quartz points to enhance and direct the energy of your Rose Quartz.
  5. Place the 5 Rhodonite in an upside-down “T” above the Rose Quartz. These will bring you self-forgiveness and help you realize your positive traits.
  6. Place your 3 Lepidolite in an upside-down triangle surrounding your other stones. These aid self-reflection to open your mind to your victim energy and heal it.
  7. Sit with your grid and candle, focusing on the self-pitying energy you want to release. Visualize it being carried away with the smoke from the candle.
  8. Sit with your crystals for as long as you like. When you are done, blow out your candle.