Embracing the Outward Energy of Summer

by | May 31, 2024

Embracing the Outward Energy of Summer

Recently, I was able to meet Taylor from Taylor Wellness Consulting for coffee. As we caught up on life, our conversation turned towards energy. We discussed how the earth’s seasons reflect (or should reflect) our energy. For example, in winter, we are meant to hibernate, in a sense. The days are shorter, prompting us to spend more time indoors than out. These quiet, winter days, are meant to be enjoyed in reflection, soul-seeking, and goal-setting.

On the other hand, summer is very outward-facing energy – we have rested and slumbered during winter, and have celebrated the new growth and spontaneity of spring. With its long, warm, sunny days, summer is energizing and invigorating: in fact, the opposite of winter!

Too often, we ignore the cycles of nature. Consider your work, social, and personal routines. Do they change during the seasons? Do you spend more time in quietude, alone, reflecting in winter and more time being social and living outdoors in summer? Chances are you don’t. We, as humans, push against the natural rhythms of the seasons by keeping our schedules the same, no matter what time of year it is. This can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, frustration, and misalignment.

To take full advantage of the outward-facing energy of summer, here are some ideas:

Put your goals into action. In winter, we reflect on the year and make plans for what we want to change. Summer is the time to act upon those goals! What do you want to improve? If this seems too overwhelming, consider one area of your life, like home. Choose a small thing you want to work on, for example, doing the dishes every night. Smaller goals are easier to attain and give you a sense of completion.

Spend time outdoors connecting with nature. We are often closed off from nature in the winter months. Summer is the perfect time to reconnect with the natural world. Go for a walk, garden, plant trees, play, or read outside. Soak up all that light to prepare for the darker days ahead.

Align your spirit with this ritual from Spiritual Gangster. Honour the Four Directions

Take advantage of the beautiful blooming flowers by making infused water. Use the petals from any flower of your choosing, place them in a small vial of water, and leave the vial out in the sunlight to charge for one day. Use your water to refresh, energize, and heal. Please be sure to research which flowers you can ingest and which may cause allergic reactions

Fire energy is strong in summer. Sit around a fire, gaze at the stars, and visualize the energy of these filling your soul.

Engage in creativity – try something new! As summer is very outward-facing energy, it is the perfect season to break the mold and try something new. Sign up for a class, research a topic of interest, or take a field trip. Think and act outside the box.

However you choose to celebrate the Summer season, know that I am here with guidance and support whenever you need it.


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