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School of Spirituality Podcast with Michelle Boeining

The School of Spirituality Podcast with Michelle Boening

How can you easily infuse the spiritual into your everyday? Join me as we explore all things spiritual on this podcast, from setting up a sacred space to performing rituals, to talking Tarot. Let’s get mystical!

Journeymen Podcast - Moments - Let's Get Spiritual with Michelle Boening

Moments with Michelle Boeing – Journeymen Podcast

What do you do when your purpose is to educate, but your calling is outside the classroom? Well, if your Michelle Boening, you make the difficult decision to answer the call. No matter how esoteric it is. After 22 years in public education, Michelle made the brave transition into a newfound passion of hers: spiritual care—namely Reiki, Tarot Readings, and Animal Communication. Starting her business, Ananda Citta Spiritual Care, in 2018, Michelle encountered her ups and downs, like any new business owner, but has consistently found strength in her work, her family, and the positive impact she is making in the lives of her clients.

Ananda Citta Spiritual Care - Intuitive Readings for Humans & Animals

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