Mentoring Sessions

 Photo by Harry Quan  on Unsplash Photo by Harry Quan  on Unsplash


I see you at your true, most highest self

What comes to mind when you hear the word “mentor?”  A teacher or a coach?  Maybe an adviser or colleague? Visualize that person.  Think about their specific qualities that made them a great mentor.  That person was a guide for you in some aspect of your life: they helped you learn to read, play baseball, figure out Google Docs, choose a career path…  Any time someone has influenced, guided or supported you, that person was a mentor.

We all need someone in our life to guide us through the prickly bits, and celebrate with us when life is flowing smoothly.  Through our mentoring sessions, I will help you take stock of where you feel various aspects of your life (home, work, relationships, etc) are right now.  Together, we will choose an area to work on by setting a specific goal.  By using my 20 years of experience as an educator, I will guide you through the process of working toward that goal.  Sessions may include supports such as readings, meditations and/or Chakra work to help you uncover the most beautiful version of yourself.

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