Now that we have created a beautiful workplace sanctuary and filled it with crystals and essential oils, it’s time to talk about the people you work with. They may be your best friends or people you don’t exactly see eye to eye with. Whatever your case may be, there is no question: you need to get along with others at work and they need to get along with you. How can you accomplish that?

First things first: you must become mindful at work. All else will follow. Here are some great ways to be more mindful at work and create positive workplace relationships:

1.    Be present: If you are working on a task (like I am right now!) be fully engaged and invested in it. I know; it is SO TEMPTING to let your mind wander or pick up your phone or respond to an email. Bring your full attention to the task at hand.

2.    Practice gratitude: Any time you feel your mind wandering off into negativity land, make a quick list (mental or actual) of three things you are grateful for. It’s an easy way to remind yourself of all you are blessed with.

3.    Pause before starting a new activity: Take just a few seconds to take a deep breath before beginning a new activity or moving from one space to another. Breathing brings your attention to the present and aligns your focus.

When you have interactions with others, your mindful self will shine through. Now, what about interacting with coworkers, clients, and administration?

1.    Accept all; have no attachments: This one is PARTICULARLY challenging for me. I become very attached to things I believe in. So, when I am faced with adversity because others don’t see it my way, I have a hard time letting go. I challenge you to accept all! Your coworkers don’t like your idea for a new project? Fine! Your boss doesn’t approve of a report you submitted? Perfect! When we resist, we struggle, so take the resistance away.

2.    Participate in active listening: When you are conversing, tune your whole attention to the person to whom you are. All too often, our minds wander and/or we are busy preparing for a break in the conversation to insert our own stories. Stop. Listen with your whole heart and mind.

3.    Think before you speak or act: I understand how tempting it is to fire off a snarky email or march up to someone and tell them off. Those behaviors will not help you at work. First, think: what will I accomplish by doing this? How will I feel inside? How will the other feel inside? Respect yourself and the other enough to speak and act intentionally.

There we have it, friends; six quick tips for promoting positive relationships at work. Comments are welcome!