Supporting Overwhelmed Women

by | Apr 19, 2024

This month, I am pleased to introduce you to the amazing Taylor from Taylor Wellness Consulting. Taylor reached out to me earlier this year in the hopes of creating a network of like-minded service providers. Taylor specializes in helping overwhelmed women, something MANY of us deal with, so I knew this community would welcome her with open hearts. So, Taylor, tell us more about you!

Hello everyone! I am Taylor; it is nice to “meet” you! I live in Milwaukee with my boyfriend Jason and our dog Oliver. When I am not nurse coaching, I am hiking, paddle boarding, or brewing my own kombucha! I have spent nearly two decades practicing as a registered nurse and have various experiences working in the ICU, Emergency Room, and hospital leadership. 2019 was a pretty rocky year for me. I was working in hospital leadership at the time and in the throes of my own health challenges, all while trying to untangle myself from overwhelm and burnout. I didn’t want to give up my nursing career. I love supporting and watching people thrive; I just needed that to look different. I shifted into the wellness space and became a board-certified holistic health coach, and I am so grateful that I made the leap! 

Why are you so passionate about supporting women through overwhelm?

Women are powerful. It amazes me the number of hats we wear and what we accomplish! However, there are times when juggling it all becomes too much. The pressure to “just keep going” is real and can be detrimental to our health. It can be challenging to navigate being overwhelmed and burnt out alone. When I think back to when I was at the height of overwhelm and burnout, I vividly remember feeling so stretched thin and so fearful that if I made any moves, I might shatter. Would I be able to put myself back together? Who was I if I wasn’t overwhelmed? At times, I wore it like a badge of honor; it almost became a part of my being. I felt boxed in by fear, anxiety, and shame. I battled thoughts and ideas that I was weak and questioned why I couldn’t keep up. It seemed like everyone around me had it all together, so why couldn’t I do that, too? I have a dream that no woman feels alone in the journey. I am honored to hold sacred space as women untangle themselves from the grips of overwhelm. It can be a winding road, and so much easier when you are not alone.

What is so special about working with a coach?

Have you ever experienced a moment where you have some clarity on what you want the next phase of your life to look like? You have a dream or a vision but are left sitting there thinking now what? This is a great place to step into a coaching container! Working with a coach can look a few different ways. It generally begins with an exchange of information and ideas to clearly define goals. It’s usually a combination of listening and asking questions, exploring ideas, perceptions, options, strategies, and actions to work towards the set goals. This side of the relationship can feel process-driven and is necessary when untangling from overwhelm. There are moments along the way that open the door to some deeper conversations. This is where things get juicy, and we can start to explore mindset and limiting beliefs and shed light on one’s internal operating system. We get curious, and often, a shift or transformation occurs. This is a powerful process that gleams lasting results.

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