When faced with difficult decisions, I often look to outside sources to guide me.  I read cards, pay attention to nature, or attune myself to cues around me.  Sometimes I am sure I know the decision to make, and am shocked when I find I am wrong.   This is what happened to me on Tuesday night.

I was outside feeding our yard animals when I noticed a huge flock of geese flying overhead.  It was a beautiful moment, and I paused to notice it.  When I returned to our house, I discovered that geese tell of good fortune.  Perfect!  The following day, Wednesday, I had an interview.  I was POSITIVE the geese were telling me the interview would go well and I would be offered a position.

The interview was phenomenal – I was a total rock star.  But…the position didn’t feel right for me.  I struggled between my desire for change and my uncomfortable feeling following the interview.  Was I just afraid of switching jobs?  And the geese!  They were telling me of good fortune in my interview…right?

That brings us to today.  I was still mulling over Wednesday and the possibility of changing jobs during dinner with my husband.  Would the new place be the best fit for me?  Is that where my talents as an educator would best be put to use?  How can I truly make the most impact in education?  With all of these thoughts going through my head, a server approached our table.  After asking if our meal was satisfactory, he noticed my shirt (which had the name of my school printed on it).  After joking that I “must have graduated a long time ago,” he went on to say, “You must be a teacher. It’s in your blood. Thank you for all you do.”  Boom.  I felt like I had been hit with a ton of bricks.  THIS is my good fortune.  THIS is what I am meant to do right now.  It was now crystal clear.  My work as an educator is purposeful and recognized.  I just needed a little help to realize that.  The lesson I learned is this: the universe will support and guide you in the way that she knows is best – which may be different from what you are expecting.  Be open to the possibilities!