Achieving Balance and Introspection

by | Aug 17, 2023

Achieving Balance and Introspection

As a former educator, September is a very exciting time of year for me. Each school year was filled with newness: new supplies, new students, new teachers. It is a time of year when things feel comfortable due to the ritual of the school year.

Similarly, on a personal level, September awakens feelings of opportunities, growth, and learning. Just as children and teachers get ready for the unbridled possibility of a new school year, so, too, do I get excited to expand and grow.

These feelings are very much in alignment with the energies of the Autumn Equinox. As our planet starts moving away from the sun, transitions are everywhere. We notice them in nature and in ourselves. These personal transitions may look like starting new projects or initiatives, setting new goals, or reevaluating your path.

September is a beautiful time of year for introspection. As we step away from the business of summer and toward the restful winter season, we have the opportunity to reflect. Time starts – gradually – to slow down, and this prompts us to look inwards.

The 2023 Autumn Equinox is on September 23, but don’t wait until then to reassess where you are and make new plans. Here are some ideas to get you started:

*Start with the Autumn Equinox Crystal Grid (see newsletter!) This grid is designed to bring balance and introspection to your life.

*Reflect on your summer. You can do this mentally or in written form; what is most important is to choose the way that feels right to you. Where did you make progress? How have you grown?

*Consider where your next steps lie. After reflecting on your summer growth and actions, evaluate what aspects of your life you need more balance in. How can you achieve this balance during this season?

*Make an action plan. How, specifically, can you achieve balance? What will your first step be? If you need further guidance, check out this Autumn Equinox guided meditation:

I encourage you to follow the example from the Universe and set aside some time to contemplate and reflect as our seasons turn once again.