Animal Totems

Animals have always played a huge role in my life. I have always felt drawn to them, and almost always feel more compassion for them than my fellow species (sorry, human race). Through my studies I discovered my gifts as an animal empath and communicator. I am able to communicate with a variety of animals to discover their fears, needs and desires. I have helped heal past trauma and shared solutions to problems which have left the animals involved more whole. But this path is not for everyone. All people do not feel the draw of the majestic beings that we share this planet with. Even if you do not feel the way I do, you can still learn much from your animal totems and guides.

So, which animals are your totems? There are a few answers to this. Your animal totems may be discovered through:

  • An Animal Medicine Card reading (this month’s FREE GIFT!)
  • A guided meditation (coming soon!)
  • Noticing animals that come to you at certain times in your life

This month we’ll connect with your animal totems through a guided meditation. I’ll also teach you how to raise your vibration around animals (both pets and wildlife) to tap into their emotions.

Animals are a HUGE passion of mine, and have so much to teach us. It brings me such joy to share this with you!



Source: Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash