Enlightenment and Your Crown Chakra

My friends, we have almost reached the end of our chakra journey! The Crown Chakra is the seventh and final chakra that we will learn about together. We have moved from being grounded in the Earth by your Root Chakra to feeling the beautiful connection you have to the Universe with your Crown Chakra. Learning about the entire chakra system helps you understand your physical existence as a spiritual being.

Much like the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra is a bit elusive. Physically, it covers many of the same aspects as the Third Eye Chakra: pineal gland, central nervous system, brain, and eyes.

However, while the Third Eye works in the realm of perception and visualization, the Crown Chakra operates in the area of time, higher thinking, belief systems, and your relationship to the Divine. If you feel like this sounds vague, you’re not alone!

Many of our chakras deal with very basic and straightforward physical and emotional aspects. The Root Chakra represents security, the Heart Chakra love, and compassion, and the Throat Chakra holds your ability to speak clearly and be heard. Let’s delve a little deeper into the often misunderstood Crown Chakra.

Your Crown Chakra is located slightly above the top of your head–exactly where a crown would sit. It is the place where your individual consciousness meets universal consciousness. Visualize a cord or string extending from your Crown to the universe; this is a good image of the purpose of this chakra. A strong and balanced Crown Chakra enables you to experience spiritual growth and feel a connection to something greater than yourself. Still feel a bit vague? Read on!

Consider a person who is negative, unhappy, and greedy. You may even know someone like this! This person always complains about everything, is materialistic, and has no empathy for living beings. They feel as if they are better than everyone else, have a very strict belief system, and are overly intellectual.

Now consider someone who is the opposite: happy, carefree, giving, and loving. Those who have a balanced Crown Chakra can see how they are connected to all of life and have empathy for living beings. These people see beauty in all situations, are relaxed about spirituality, and feel their lives are peaceful and filled with joy.

If you are like me, you fall somewhere between the greedy, negative person and the happy, connected person. While there may be times your Crown Chakra is imbalanced, leading to materialism, apathy, and a feeling of superiority, I am betting there are also times you feel joyful and “at one” with the Universe.

I feel as if I am continually working towards a balanced Crown Chakra, towards leading a life that is connected, spiritual, and empathetic. Certainly, we all know that there are no perfect people among us. And yet I encourage you to do as I do: incorporate behaviors and understandings into your life to balance this chakra and get a little closer to enlightenment along the way.

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Michelle Boening

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