September is a time when most of us turn our attention to school. If we are not still attending school in some capacity, we all remember the feeling of beginning again at the start of a new school year. For me, going back to school was exciting, a whole year full of possibilities lay ahead! What might I learn about? Who will be in my class? What knowledge will I fill my brand new, sparkly notebooks with? Even back to school shopping was an adventure: who knew what greatness may come from the new supplies I was purchasing?

This year, school in the traditional sense is anything but traditional. Many children are “meeting” their teachers and classmates for the first time virtually. The majority of students are beginning this year from their homes instead of coming together in schools. Regardless of how school is being carried out this year, learning will occur. Children will grow in academic as well as social and emotional areas. Teachers will guide, learn, and lead, as they always have done. One of my favorite memories as a teacher was seeing the growth students made from the start to the end of a school year. Despite the fact that learning will look much different this year, growth and change will take place.

You may not be attending school formally, but that does not mean that you have nothing new to learn! While children and teachers are setting their sights to new knowledge and information, we are going to focus on learning, too: learning about yourself.

If you are anything like me, you probably believe that you already know a great deal about yourself. You know what foods and drinks you like, movies that you enjoy, and the ways you are most likely to spend your free time. You know what clothes you enjoy wearing and what books you like to read. But how well do you truly know your inner self? Most of us have walls that we put up, barriers that keep our innermost desires and feelings safe from others. We may feel that others will not accept us as we truly are if we express these thoughts. While, at times, it may be a good idea to hold back what you are truly feeling (for example, it’s probably not the best idea to tell your boss what you think of her new plan if you disagree with it!), there are times where you can live closer to your authentic self than you currently do.

Discovering your true, authentic self is a process. It will take time, especially if you have been hiding in the shadows for a while. Uncovering who you are at a deep level is an intense process. Do you REALLY hate science fiction movies? Or do you feel that way because your partner does? Is it in alignment with your authentic self that you enjoy going on bike rides? Or is this conditioning from your parents who told you it was necessary to ride your bike to stay healthy?

Join me for a series of Facebook Lives this month, where we will focus on educating yourself about your true self. Together, we will discover your deepest passions (what you truly love and get excited about), irritations, and how to help yourself when you are in “the dip.” Learning about–and living– your authentic self means discovering who you are at a deep level and living that truth. Your authentic self is not the “you” that other people think you should be. It is a true mirror: a reflection of your inner self.

I look forward to learning with you this month!


Michelle Boening