Grounding Yourself in Mother Earth

by | Jul 27, 2023

Grounding Yourself in Mother Earth

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Lughnasadh is upon us. The midway point between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox, Lughnasadh also marks the first harvest, making it a beautiful time to honor nature, the sun, the Earth, and to show gratitude for all of life’s many blessings.

Due to its connection to Mother Earth, Lughnasadh is the perfect time to use her unlimited power to ground and stabilize yourself. You may already be familiar with some ways to ground yourself with Earth energy, such as Mountain Pose, walking on the ground barefoot, or immersing yourself in a forest. These activities often leave you feeling stable and revitalized.

But why is the Earth so magical in its ability to heal? Let’s find out!

All living things on our planet are connected to the Earth’s electrical energy. In today’s age, most of us rarely touch the ground directly. Rubber or plastic-soled shoes create a barrier between our bodies and the healing power of the Earth. We sleep in beds and spend most of our time above the ground in houses or buildings. This leads to feelings of disconnection, of not being one with the Earth. In essence, we have lost our electrical roots.

Wonderfully, we have the opportunity to reconnect! Here are some powerful ways to harness the power of Mother Earth:

*Walk outside barefoot. It is transformative to walk directly on the Earth. Surfaces such as soil, grass, sand, and concrete are highly conductive and allow the healing power of the Earth to enter your body.

*Try a grounding meditation. Visualization is an impactful and healing way to reconnect with Mother Earth. Try this one from

*Touch natural objects. If you have the ability to, do this outside, if not, touching natural objects such as flowers, plants, or items made from natural objects will work. Gently touch a tree, bush, the grass, or a plant. What textures do you feel? Is the temperature of these objects warm or cool?

*Cuddle/sit with your pet. Animals have the amazing ability to induce calm. Take a few moments to simply be with your animal, and cuddle or pet them if they are okay with it.

*Tune in to your surroundings. Walk outside and notice the sounds you hear. Close your eyes so you can focus your mind on simply hearing. Do you hear birdsong? Are animals running near you? Voices and laughter?

Our busy lives can easily lead us down a path of feeling both overstimulated and disconnected. This month, I invite you to take some time to intentionally reconnect to the Earth’s energy. You may just find the practice rejuvenating in many ways!