Love, Love, Love! Why Valentine’s Day is for Everyone (Including You!)

by | Jan 17, 2024

Love, Love, Love! Why Valentine’s Day is for Everyone (Including You!)

January can be challenging for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. It is typically gray and cold, with a feeling that the days will never warm. And, just when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, along comes February!

For me, February is like a breath of fresh air. As we work towards spring, the days continue to get a little longer (albeit very slowly). The darkness and cold that encapsulate life in January has ended, and our thoughts turn towards the slow thawing of the Earth and ourselves. You may find you have more energy, a brighter outlook, and are in a better mood when February arrives, filling you with love. And what day is better to express this love than Valentine’s Day?

I realize that not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. Loss and loneliness may make some people eschew holidays in general. Valentine’s Day may be especially challenging if you see it as a “holiday for lovers,” as many companies promote. However, I think Valentine’s Day has a deeper meaning, which can extend to the entire month of February and beyond.

I have always loved this holiday; it’s second on my list of favorites behind Halloween, but not because I have always “had someone” to share it with. Being a Cancer Sun, Cancer Rising, and Scorpio Moon makes me one of the Zodiac’s most sensitive and deepest feelers: I love to share love! I think this is why I adore Valentine’s Day; it is an opportunity to celebrate my love with others in an extreme way (thanks to my Scorpio Moon). Yes, I do have a husband whom I adore and celebrate with on this day. Still, this holiday means more than just my positive relationship. I enjoy sharing this feeling of compassion with every living being in my life all month long.

Here are some loving actions you can take this February:

  1. Share your love with others. Create small goody packages to leave for neighbors, bake a special dessert for your family, or feed your wild animal friends. Volunteer with an organization that speaks to you or collect and donate items for those facing homelessness. All of these loving actions create more love in our world.
  2. Share your love with yourself. Amp up the self-care this month! Schedule a massage, facial, pedicure, Reiki session, or spa day to pamper yourself. Remember that you cannot give love to others unless you have love to give; this is a perfect way to grow self-love.
  3. Share love with the world. You can do this in many ways, but my favorite is through intentional visualization. It is pretty straightforward: Take a few moments to visualize the Earth surrounded by love, which I see as a glowing, pink energy. You can also “push” this love outward from yourself. First, see yourself as filled with love, then extend that to your home, community, state, country, and finally, the world.
  4. Protect your energy. Sharing love with others is beautiful, but only when your energy is protected can you operate from a point of stability. If you are highly sensitive to the emotions of others, be sure you are protecting yourself. You can carry black crystals and stones, create a Boundaries Crystal Grid (see the February newsletter), or engage in protective meditations.

I invite you to try viewing Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to share love with everyone: yourself, co-workers, animal companions, neighbors, family, friends, and community. Just because you do not have a significant other does not mean this holiday is not for you! From my heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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