Shout! Shout! Let it All Out! Self-Expression and Your Throat Chakra

Do you frequently feel as if you have drainage, hearing difficulties, or a cough? Have you ever gotten a sore throat or laryngitis? Are canker sores, teeth problems, and dry lips a cause for concern? Do you sometimes struggle with creativity, retaining new information, communicating fluently, or listening?

All of these can be manifestations of a blocked Throat Chakra. Your Throat Chakra is responsible for self-expression and speaking your truth. When you are unable or unwilling to do so, your Throat Chakra will try to get your attention, usually in the form of mental and physical aches and pains. So let’s look a little deeper at self-expression and speaking your truth.

Self-expression is your ability to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas through writing, art, music, dance, and speech. Essentially, it is your ability to tell others what you think, feel, and believe. For some, this may be a challenge.

Expressing yourself fully may not always be possible (due to preconceived notions and beliefs) or appropriate. For example, screaming at the waiter who got your order wrong is generally frowned upon. This does NOT mean that you should repress those feelings! It is okay to feel frustrated; you simply need to find a healthy and safe way to express that emotion.

However, we often don’t do this; we push the emotion away, burying it deep inside. We may do this for many reasons:

We don’t believe it’s “okay” to express feelings.
We view some emotions as “bad.”
We have been taught that expressing how you truly feel is wrong.
All of this leads to physical and metaphysical problems with the Throat Chakra.

Speaking your truth is a bit different than self-expression. When you can stay true to who you are on a deep level (you don’t change who you are based on the thoughts or opinions of others, social media, or your own negative self-talk), you speak your truth. People who are true to themselves listen to and acknowledge what others think, say, and feel, but they do not adopt those same thoughts, words, and feelings unless they genuinely believe them.

Have you ever known someone (or maybe it was you!) who never seemed to have a fixed opinion on anything? For example, one day, they may tell you their favorite color is blue, only to change it to green the following day because someone told them they didn’t like the color blue? This is just one example of an imbalance in the Throat Chakra.

This is not to say that you won’t change your mind about things; you will, of course, because you are an open-minded and evolving being. But, by now, we are well aware that to reach the highest version of ourselves, we must change. Speaking your truth has to do with deep-down beliefs and values. It is acting, speaking, and thinking in a way that aligns with who you are at your core.

Our culture is based mainly on communication. We are constantly sending out and receiving information. Television, books, the internet, billboards, those around us; all of these compete for our attention and try to influence who we are. This month, we will work on enhancing and empowering your Throat Chakra so that you can listen, process, and react to information without letting it change you unless it aligns with your beliefs.

Join me Fridays in July to learn:
Throat Chakra basics Blockages and how to heal them
A LIVE one card draw: what is your Throat Chakra saying? And….a special treat! We will engage in a Throat Chakra healing session!
I look forward to helping you find your voice this month!


Michelle Boening

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