Spells for Abundance, Love, Success and More

by | Sep 26, 2023

Spells for Abundance, Love, Success and More

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! I love how the world feels as it transitions from light to dark, from outward-facing energy to inward-facing energy. The change that occurs in the outside world mimics the change we sense in our internal world. We gather our harvest, preparing for a time of rest and rejuvenation.

October is a magical time with powerful energy. We spend much of the month – whether we realize it or not – preparing for Halloween, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. That makes this month the perfect time to get a little witchy with spells!

Spells identify, raise, and direct your energy – the universe’s energy – to bring you what you want. They help you channel your magical energy with a specific purpose or goal in mind.

If you’re not sure where to start with spellwork, don’t worry! I know it can seem overwhelming. I encourage you to do some research before diving in if it feels more comfortable. As with all magic, you need to be careful of your intentions when spellcasting. Karma is a very real thing, and what goes around comes around – literally. I encourage you to cast all spells from a place of love and goodness.

If you are ready to start, I have scoured the internet for some fun, easy, and magical spells. Here we go!

Honey Jar Spell to Sweeten an Existing Relationship from sacbee.com

You need: Paper, pen, honey, jar with lid, tablespoon, tea (prepare ahead of time)

  1. Write the name of the person you want to sweeten a relationship with three times on the page. The efficacy of this spell may be attributed to the numerological meanings linked with the number 3. “Three” is about self-expression and displaying “wholeness” in one’s performance.
  2. After that, write out your intention. This must be very clear and straightforward for the spell to operate correctly.
  3. Next, fold the paper three times to fit perfectly in the jar. Then, take a tablespoon of honey and mix it into your tea. While sipping your honey tea, repeat the following line loudly or quietly to yourself: “As I drink this tea, you’ll become this delicious to me.”
  4. The spell will be cast as soon as you finish your tea.
  5. Replace the lid on your jar and bury it in a safe place. The best location is near plants or flowers.

Full Moon Spell to Attract a Lover from sacbee.com

You need: A full moon, rose petals, paper, pen

  1. Make a list of the qualities you’re seeking in the person. You can make it as long and specific as you like.
  2. Wait until the moon is in one of these earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo, if feasible. However, whatever full moon you select is optional as long as you concentrate your power where it should be. Full moons, however, always take on the strength of the sign they are located now. Casting this spell during an earth moon will be most successful since we are dealing with an earthy representation (rose petals) and want to find a stable bond. Rose petals are a natural agent.
  3. After listing your qualities, fold the paper in half and hold it close to your heart.
  4. Take the rose petals with you and go outside. Make three rounds around your home, spreading the petals in phases while holding your list close to your heart. While doing this, keep repeating the phrase, “Come to me, I am prepared for you,” to yourself or in your head.

Bay Leaf Money Spell from 2spirits.com

You need: a bay leaf, pen, palo santo, matches, fireproof dish

  1. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate.
  2. Burn palo santo to let go of any negative aura around you.
  3. Write your wish on the bay leaf with complete faith and determination.
  4. Let the ink dry.
  5. Place your bay leaf in your fireproof dish and burn the bay leaf completely.
  6. While it burns, picture your wishes going to the farthest corners of the cosmos.

New Job Spell from calmmoment.com

You need a piece of green paper, a gold pen, three mint leaves, a teaspoon of dried sage, one gold or silver candle, a candle holder, matches, or a lighter

You should cast this spell on a full moon, waxing moon, or Thursday.

  1. Draw a large pentagram in the center of your piece of paper with your gold pen – a pentagram is a circle with a five-pointed star inside it. If a pentagram symbol does not align with your beliefs, choose another symbol that is powerful for you.
  2. In the center of the pentagram, write the word JOB, ensuring the star points upwards, not downwards.
  3. Around this word, write what kind of job you want – part-time, full-time, in an office or outdoors, how many hours, how much you’d like to earn, and so on.
  4. Tear up the mint leaves and put these and the dried sage into the pentagram. Place the candle in a holder on top of the herbs and light it.
  5. Say the following words: Goddess Morrigan, hear my plea. Send me a job that fits my needs. Give me a job that I will love. I send this message to you above.
  6. Allow the candle to burn down. Carefully take the paper with the herbs on it to the nearest window, open it, and blow the contents from the paper into the air. You will soon hear about or see an advertisement for your ideal job.

Success and Achievement Spell from thelocalmystic.com

You need: your wallet, a blank or old key that you do not need anymore, four green candles, a journal, a pen

  1. Begin by placing one of your green candles in each directional placement—one to the north, east, south, and west. Then, light every candle except for the eastward-facing candle.
  2. Begin by reciting or copying down the affirmation below. Affirmations are tools we use to prime our mental bodies for manifestation work. You can use this affirmation I learned from intuitive teacher Diane Ahlquist or use something similar in your own words: “I give myself permission to accept prosperity and success. I let go of any obstacles that block my path. I know that you need not live a life of poverty to find spiritual fulfillment. From this moment on, I release any thoughts that make me feel unworthy of a prosperous lifestyle. May abundance, success, and prosperity effortlessly come to me starting at this moment. And so it is.”
  3. After reciting the affirmation, take your key and use it to inscribe the sigil for prosperity (below) into your unlit green candle. Then, recite the following incantation: “The Earth, the wind, the sun, the sea \ put magick in this special key. \ My money growing with the moon \ abundance come and be here soon.” Once you finish, take the key and place it into your wallet.
  4. While seated amongst your candles, you may now journal about your visions for a prosperous future. Make sure to write in the present tense. Instead of saying, “I will have…” claim your future with “I have…” Spend as long as you like journaling before mindfully closing your circle and blowing out your candles. Always end with a significant phrase of sacred conclusion. This can be an “amen,” “blessed be,” or anything that feels right to you.
  5. In the next couple of weeks, be on the lookout for opportunities for abundance and success, and make sure you’re ready to claim them!

Remove the Gloom Spell from llewellyn.com

You need: black candle, paper, pen, fireproof dish

The waning Moon is the perfect time to remove what you no longer need from your life.

  1. Light a black candle.
  2. Make a list of all the things that make you feel sad, depressed, or defeated. Let yourself fully experience these emotions.
  3. Now, beside each negative, list a positive step to counteract or remove the negative.
  4. Once you do so, draw a line through the negative, setting the positive counteraction into motion.
  5. Burn the list in a flameproof container and get moving, taking the positive steps you listed.

Kitchen Protection Spell from llewellyn.com

You need olive oil, sprigs of basil

  1. First, dab the tip of a finger with the olive oil. Bless each kitchen appliance with the oil. You may trace a holy symbol (such as a pentagram or a cross) on each appliance.
  2. Next, rinse the basil sprigs in water. While they’re still wet, shake a few drops of water in each kitchen corner. Shake a few drops in front of all kitchen windows and doors, too. This seals the room with protection.
  3. End the ritual by saying: I protect my kitchen, every tool, every pot. I protect every appliance, those that chill and those that keep my food nice and hot!
  4. You may enhance the spell by cooking with the basil or drying it for later use.

Selenite Energy Refresher from llewellyn.com

You need a selenite wand

  1. Sit or stand somewhere private. Feel how the selenite connects with your energy field.
  2. Pass the wand under each foot, a couple of inches away from your skin. Using a sweeping motion, move it up one leg, then the other. Notice that everywhere the selenite passes, there’s a streak of pure, clean energy, like a broom sweeping up dirt.
  3. Pass the wand over your abdomen, back, chest, up both arms, over both hands, and up your neck. Pay special attention to passing it over your mouth, eyes, and ears.
  4. Hold the crystal at the crown of your head and envision the renewed energy it has created all around and within your body. It has gathered up any vibrations that were creating imbalance. Now, you can continue your day feeling refreshed.

My friends, researching these spells and preparing this month’s message to you has been such fun for me! I would love to hear from you if you try any of the spells here–or others that you find during your own research.