Crystals and Stones to Support Your Sun Sign

by | Aug 16, 2022

Crystals and Stones to Support Your Sun Sign

Recently, a client asked me which crystals and stones to choose to support her Sun Sign. Thankfully, I had some idea because we are both Cancers! I know that as a Cancer, I can be moody, give too much without refilling my personal energy well, and get stuck in my thoughts. I was able to suggest Citrine, Red Jasper, and Moonstone to support her.

However, this interaction got me thinking about the other Sun Signs, about which I know very little. There began my newest learning endeavor focused on the Zodiac!

As I began to research and dig deeper into the Zodiac, a whole new world was revealed to me. For example, did you know that your Ascendant/Rising Sign is the first impression others have of you? And that your Moon Sign reflects your emotions, fears, and anxieties sitting below the surface of your Sun Sign? Me either! Today, we’re going to focus on the sign that most people associate with themselves and who they are: Sun Signs.

Your Sun Sign is determined by the placement of the Sun on the day you were born. It is your identity. It dictates how you experience life and express your individuality. Essentially, it is who you are at your core. Many people find their Sun Sign qualities to be extremely accurate and informative. They place great stock in these characteristics to help them work through challenges, deal with trauma and have a positive outlook on life.

All of this new information got me thinking; how can I use crystals and stones to support my clients based on their Sun Signs? There are so many beautiful traits for all the crystals and stones, which can be generalized. Tiger’s Eye helps you focus. Pyrite welcomes abundance. Clear Quartz heals physical ailments. Red crystals and stones support the Root Chakra, while blue heal and balance the Throat. But if I really want to help my clients, how can I incorporate their Sun Sign into specific crystals and stones targeted to their unique personalities?

Thankfully, Google and books exist! I was able to do some simple Google searches for crystals and stones to support specific Sun Signs. Additionally, I found some excellent resources on Amazon:
*Crystal Zodiac for Beginners
*The Complete Guide to Astrology

Using what I learned, I created a simple chart with 3 crystals and stones to support each Sun Sign. Then I created crystal kits featuring these stones that you can purchase from my shop. Ready to get more in tune with your Sun Sign? Here’s where to start:

Apache Tears ~ grounding
Lapis Lazuli ~ help with embracing change
Clear Quartz ~ supports passion and ambition

Rose Quartz ~ boosts compassion
Carnelian ~ encourages action
Selenite ~ offers protection and safety

Moonstone ~ opens the mind to new possibilities
Tiger’s Eye ~ grounding and stabilizing
Sodalite ~ emotional balance during times of stress

Red Jasper ~ stability and self-care
Citrine ~ opens the mind to new possibilities
Moonstone ~ to illuminate truth and intuition

Sunstone ~ originality and leadership
Lapis Lazuli ~ to be more open with others
Ruby ~ boosts energy and self-confidence

Amethyst ~ reduces stress
Amazonite ~ releases obsessive thoughts and behaviors
Citrine ~ see the good in all situations

Lepidolite ~ relieves stress, anxiety, and panic
Tiger’s Eye ~ connects you to your personal power
Lapis Lazuli ~ aids in effective communication

Unakite ~ end addictive habits
Smoky Quartz ~ mental relaxation and concentration
Rhodonite ~ soothes tension and decreases stress

Labradorite ~ calms the mind and stimulates the imagination
Black Obsidian ~ protects from negative energies
Amethyst ~ let go of bad habits or behaviors

Fluorite ~ brings order, organization, and focus
Howlite ~ settles overactive minds
Sodalite ~ eases worry and brings mental clarity

Moonstone ~ for inner growth and strength
Clear Quartz ~ balances physical, mental, and emotional states
Amethyst ~ make visions into reality

Bloodstone ~ to stand in your own power and honor your feelings
Labradorite ~ promotes self-reflection and transformation
Carnelian ~ motivation to pursue creative endeavors

Join me next month as we discover your Rising/Ascendant Sign and what it means for you!