The Power of Your Root Chakra

March 20 brings us the Spring Equinox, the official start of Spring. I always find that my mind eagerly dwells on thoughts of warmer weather, baseball (but, let’s be honest – when am I NOT thinking about baseball?), spending more time outdoors, plants growing, and flowers blooming—even if the ground is still covered in snow or the temperature barely rises above freezing! Spring always brings a sense of life, newness, growth, and color, no matter what the thermostadt reads.

Seeds and plants push their roots down deep into the soil, which has been softened by melting snow. As each day passes, they grow stronger, pushing down ever further to gather nutrients and then stretching up towards the sun to gather warmth. So, too, will we learn how to do the same—to root ourselves firmly in the Earth, to stand strong and secure in who we are and what we believe in, while pushing ourselves upward through new growth.

This month begins a study of our chakras, and, since March brings thoughts of new life, we begin with the chakra which secures us to the Earth and all of life: the root chakra. The root chakra is responsible for keeping us grounded and in the present moment. It is the seat of safety, security, and stability. When our root chakra is secure, we live in the present moment without worrying about the future or living in the past. A balanced root chakra keeps us grounded, enabling us to better handle any stress and conflict that come our way.

Have you ever been in a highly stressful situation, yet were able to keep your cool? Or been able to see a solution to a problem that others couldn’t because you were fully present? Maybe you were able to calm your anxiety down before a big presentation at work. All of these examples show what can happen when your root chakra is balanced and strong.

But what (and where) exactly is the root chakra? What does it have to do with your daily life? How do you know if yours is balanced, overactive, or deficient? Through a series of Facebook Lives this month, we will learn:

*root chakra basics: color, location, physical, and metaphysical areas it affects, and more

*how to tell if you have an overactive, deficient, or balanced root chakra

*exercises to balance your root chakra

Additionally this month, you will have the opportunity to ask me anything during one of our Facebook Lives! Maybe you are wondering how I chose the path that I am currently on. Or what it was like to be a teacher. Or what my favorite Mexican restaurant is. Or what I think is the best book of all time (hint: it starts with the word One.) Get your questions ready for Ask Me Anything on March 19!

Finally, our March 26 Facebook Live will be a one-card draw. The card I pull for you will indicate one thing you need to do (or stop doing) right now in order to feel more grounded.

Friends, I am so excited to begin this journey with you. The root chakra is extremely powerful in the way it grounds us to our present life, living in the moment, and being one with the Earth. Just as a well rooted plant will grow to be strong, so, too, will we grow to be strong through balancing our root chakras.


Michelle Boening

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