Unlocking Your Heart Chakra

When you hear the word “bridge,” what do you visualize? A large structure, spanning a river or multiple lanes of traffic? Maybe you picture something simpler and smaller: a wooden structure big enough for only one car. Perhaps a different image comes to mind: one of making a bridge with your body, hands, and feet on the floor with your back arched.

There is a multitude of ways to define what a bridge is, and this month I have another one to add to it: your Heart Chakra. Your Heart Chakra is the bridge between your “lower” three chakras (Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus) and your “upper” three chakras (Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.) It links the Earthly, grounding chakras with the Spiritual, Intuitive chakras.

Your Heart Chakra is the seat of compassion for yourself and others, empathy, love, and forgiveness. It is associated with balance, harmony, and serenity; traits that may not readily come to mind when you think of bridges but are certainly important. After all, traveling on a balanced bridge is much preferred to an unbalanced one!

When we view your Heart Chakra as the bridge it truly is, it is easy to understand why it is integral to the chakra system as a whole. Just as a physical bridge is integral in carrying people, animals, and freight, your Heart Chakra is integral in carrying energy from the higher chakras to the lower chakras and vice versa.

Many times, this bridge can become blocked. We often choose to hold emotional pain in our hearts, and this can cause myriad problems. Heart and chest pain, difficulty breathing, and arm discomfort can all be associated with a blocked Heart Chakra. Metaphysically, trouble with giving and receiving love, showing gratitude, and having compassion for yourself and others are all ruled by the Heart Chakra.

So what is the key to unlocking the secrets of this chakra? How are you to fully align your energy, joining your Earthly and Spiritual selves? How can you learn to love yourself and others fully, to truly live your best life? This month, join me for a series of Facebook Live events as we delve into the depths of your beautiful Heart Chakra.


Michelle Boening

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