WTF Is Going On in My Life?! (And What Can I Do About It?)

by | May 22, 2023

WTF Is Going On in My Life?! (And What Can I Do About It?)

We’ve all been there. The time in your life when you feel like everything is falling apart. You’re unhappy at work, your relationship is on the rocks, or you have recently lost a loved one. You got evicted from your home, you’re late on your bills (AGAIN,) and those around you seem unsupportive and judgmental. These WTF moments can add up quickly and overwhelm you, causing stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression.

Change is often the instigator of feeling overwhelmed. Sudden change– whether expected or not–is jarring and can leave you feeling like you are at the bottom of a very, very deep hole. You are so focused on getting by and surviving one day at a time that you can’t even see yourself clear to finding a way out.

Before we go any further, I need to be clear about my intentions. Feeling anxious, out of control, depressed, worried, angry, etc. is very normal and okay. I am not going to tell you to stop feeling them! The key is to not let these feelings overtake your life. There are a multitude of ways to work with these emotions (which we will discuss,) but pushing them away or trying to ignore them just makes it harder.

I have had periods in my life when all has seemed lost. The death of our dog, Macca, followed only a few months later by the passing of our rabbit, Vera, felt unbearable. Physical pain and discomfort from vestibular migraines and injuries seem overwhelming. I have been stuck, like all of you, at the bottom of that hole.

Luckily, I am able to see myself clear through a variety of tried and true practices. What can you do if you feel like everything is going wrong? Here are some ideas to get you back on track.

  1. Start with the WTF Tarot Spread. This spread is designed to show you what is hounding you (why your life feels so “messed up”), what is real and wrong about the situation, where you need more information, and what first step to take. This is a powerful first step!
  2. Feel your feelings. Every emotion deserves its time on the podium. Sit down, let whatever feelings come to come, recognize them, and don’t judge or analyze. For more on this, check out the work of Byron Katie.
  3. Find a person you can share your emotions with. We all need at least one person in our lives who we can always, always count on (I’m looking at you, PB!). Don’t feel as if you are “burdening” someone else by telling them your troubles. A true friend will support you and feel honored that you asked for their support.
  4. Go outside. Nature is a powerful healer. Walk in the woods, sit by the water, and just breathe.
  5. Use guided meditation. Unlike “traditional” meditation, which is often silent, guided meditation guides your body, mind, and spirit through working with anxiety, grounding yourself, and a whole lot more.

Life serves us all a wide variety of experiences and emotions, and we will all find ourselves feeling overwhelmed at some point. It’s okay to be there–I just don’t want you to be stuck there. I can’t wait to hear how I can support you on your life’s journey!