Last month we learned how to create a private sanctuary for your home full of good vibes and beauty. But what about your workplace? You can also create a workplace sanctuary. If you’re like most people, you spend more time at work than at home during the week. Is it possible to create a space of beauty and functionality at work as well? YES! Read on, friends…

Beauty + Functionality = A Perfect Match for Work

  1. Personality: First and foremost, your work space should be a reflection of you. Surround yourself with things you love and find inspiring. My area contains framed photos of those I hold closest to my heart. I also incorporate a small lamp and tiny mementos from former students. When I look at my work space, I see joy and feel harmony. Give yourself the freedom to let go of things that do not appeal to you: look at your space with it a critical eye. If it does not inspire joy, recycle, donate or re-home it.

  2. Organization: An organized space is a productive space! How will you organize your materials so that you have access to what you need? Again, this may require you looking with a critical eye to recycle or donate. Only keep that which is truly needed to do your work. I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES so I typically over-buy them. I keep extras packed away in the closet and only leave that which I need day to day accessible. This helps with organization and order!

  3. Functionality: Does the flow of your furniture work? What about where you keep your things: is it in the best place for you to be the most productive? Think about where your things are kept and how easy they are to access. For example, if you use your computer all day it will need a place of prominence. What about your calendar/planner? The To Do List? Do you need a big empty space for creating things/working on projects? Examine the functionality of your space and change what you need to.

  4. Minimize Distractions: Do you post sticky notes everywhere? Or are you one of those people who posts a plethora of pictures, sayings and charts? While those things may be inspiring, use caution: they may become a distraction. If you can function and focus in your work space with sticky notes all over, go for it!

  5. Eye Candy: Sometimes you just need a sparkly notebook or seven as eye candy. Or that glitter pen. And that rainbow tape dispenser. There’s no harm in jazzing up your materials, as long as you can still use them. So go ahead and buy that retro classic keyboard – it is pretty awesome.

  6. Positive Vibes: Spread some peace, love and positivity at work! Spray some lavender, sage or lemongrass room freshener. Not only will it freshen up your space, it will give you a much needed mood boost. Or, if you are able to, incense, palo santo and sage are great at clearing your space. Let’s get to work!