A Vision Board is a graphic representation of your hopes and dreams. Creating one increases the likelihood of getting what you wish for. Vision Boards can be as complex or simplistic as you desire. Here’s how to get started on creating your vision:


  • poster board or cardboard or anything to draw/mount your images on
  • glue/tape/some type of adhesive
  • magazine to cut images/words from; conversely, you may choose to draw/write all your pictures and positive words
  • anything else that makes you feel amazing like bits of nature, tiny mementos, etc.


  1. Look through magazines and choose pictures/words/phrases that speak to you. Don’t think too much about it, go with your feelings. How do you feel when you see/read it? If it sparks joy in you, it’s something you want for your Vision Board. Remember, these are things you want to draw into your life so be sure they represent your authentic self.

  2. Arrange your images and words in a way that works for you on your poster board.

  3. Place your Vision Board in a location where you can see it daily. Viewing your Vision Board on a daily basis is a concrete reminder of your goals…it’s a pleasant glimpse into your future.

Happy creating!