I am not a writer.  I had a diary when I was young, but, as I got older, I lost interest.  I don’t journal now and have never had a desire to do so.  So…what am I doing talking you you about Rage Journaling?  Exactly!  I am not someone who writes and I still use Rage Journaling for health and well-being.  Here’s why:

  • Rage Journaling is a method to get out any negative thoughts/emotions/feelings so they don’t fester inside you. Many physical ailments can be tied back to anger at a person or situation. Rage Journaling lets you free those negative thoughts and emotions in a safe place.
  • Rage Journaling can be as easy or complex as you make it.  A bulleted list of grievances is just as powerful as full sentences. It can be a picture, a diagram, a web…whatever you use to get your feelings down on paper.
  • Rage Journaling can be kept or destroyed.  Some people feel great power in destroying (through burning or tearing up) their past entries.  I personally like to keep mine so I can look back and become empowered by all I have overcome.
  • Rage Journaling does not need to take much time. Whenever something upsetting happens – you lost you car keys, you were late to work, you got yelled at by your boss, etc. – write down your feelings.  I spend about 4-5 minutes each day Rage Journaling.  Some days may require more time, based on your current situation.

So…what’s next?

  1. Decide on a method of journaling.  I prefer a physical notebook that I write in with a pen.  You might prefer to type on a computer.  Whatever your method, decide on it before you begin raging.
  2. Write down your thoughts and feelings. Be as explicit as you can.  My rage journal is full of…well, rage.  It’s something that is private and just for me – a tool I use to help myself grow to my highest potential.  Don’t worry about offending anyone.  This is just for you.  This is the most important part – getting those feelings and thoughts out of you and onto the page.
  3. Spend some time meditating on your thoughts and feelings.  How did you end up here?  Where can you go next?  What tools do you need to move on?  What steps do you need to take to grow?
  4. Destroy your entry by fire (be safe!) or recycling.  Decide on the method which works best for you.  As mentioned earlier, I keep mine in a notebook.  When the notebook is full I have a ritualistic destruction.

There you go!  You have the power to heal many physical ailments through Rage Journaling. Research states that a plethora of physical conditions – mostly back pain – exist because we don’t know how to let go of rage and anger.  We hold it all in – and it eats away at us.  Use Rage Journaling as a tool to help maintain your physical and mental well-being.  I promise after just one entry you will feel rejuvenated!

I would love to hear your comments and experiences with Rage Journaling!