Happy 2020 Ananda Citta Family!

Has anyone asked you “The Question” yet? You know the one: what are your New Year Resolutions? Seems as though I can’t get away from that particular inquiry at this time of year. Rather than making resolutions, I like to start a new year with personal goals. These goals can range from eating better to spending more quality time with friends and family to focusing on being present in my everyday life. Even so, I find that this process isn’t always the most conducive to my lifestyle. I often reevaluate my goals or the way that I’m tracking them or holding myself accountable. More often than I care to admit, I give up on the goals I have set for myself; not because I don’t want to work on those things–I really do! But because the methodology isn’t speaking to me or working for more.

I invite you to join me for a series of Facebook Live Videos this month. Together, we will learn how to set ourselves up for success in the year ahead. We won’t just make resolutions; we’ll discover how to set attainable goals and keep track of them throughout the year. We’ll move from where you are to where you want to be. Almost each Friday in January will focus on a new topic:

  • starting the year with gratitude
  • meditating on past, present, and future
  • narrowing your focus to set 2020 goals
  • establishing a routine to reach your goals in manageable steps

Additionally, your FREE reading this month will focus on Past, Present, and Future:

  • past: what to let go of/stop doing in 2020
  • present: what to keep doing in 2020
  • future: what to start doing in 2020

I look forward to this new adventure with you!