Februa – A Time To Purify Body, Home, and Spirit

The first month of the year brought us Janus, the Roman god who looked to the past (last year) and the present/future (this year and beyond) at the same time. Janus also represents balance, your Middle Way, and temperance. What do the Romans have in store for us this month? Let’s find out.

February was named after Februa, which was a means of purification. The ancient Romans believed that just about any sin could be wiped away through purification rituals. While I can’t promise that will happen (sorry), I can teach you some beautiful ways to purify your home, tools, and self this month.

The idea of purification is an interesting one to me. When I engage in purifying rituals–meditation, baths, clearing old energy from my home–I am doing it because I know it will have a positive impact on my mental, emotional and spiritual self. I rarely do it with a specific “reason” in mind. However, other people may purify for very specific reasons such as:

ridding their space of negative energy
“atoning” for things they feel they did wrong
clearing clutter from their mind
connecting with well-intentioned energy when praying/meditating/reading cards, etc.
ridding their homes of physical objects which no longer serve them

Historically, those who practiced rituals, those connected with Februa and others, did so for some of the same reasons. In many cases, there was a connection to faith or a belief system. You may have some rituals in which you participate that are inspired by your faith or religion, as well. When we talk about the rituals to purify your home, your tools, and yourself in the month ahead, I encourage you to engage in these purification rituals as a way to honor yourselves above all.

Very often, we hear messages that suggest putting yourself first, taking care of yourself before others, and doing things just for you is “selfish” and “wrong.” We hear phrases like, “Don’t you care about anyone else?” “What’s more important – what you want or what I want?” And, because most of us are people pleasers, we want to make others happy, which many times ends up in others’ needs being met in lieu of our own. I want you to work on shifting that.

Of course, it is a beautiful thing to care for others. Equally important is caring for ourselves. Remember a few months ago when we talked about our personal energy wells. In order to have the energy to give to others, you need to keep your personal energy well full. One of the ways to fill up your energy well is to engage in powerful self-care, such as purification rituals. Keeping your well full gives you energy, love, and time to lavish on others. An empty or low well means you barely have enough energy for yourself, let alone those around you.

Together, we will explore ways to fill up your energy well through purifying the body, home, and spirit, followed by a live draw at the end of the month. Again I encourage you to engage in any of these practices yourself, just for YOU. Not because you think it’s the “right” thing to do or because I told you to. This is one of the first steps in self-love and acceptance, and who among us DOESN’T need more help in those categories? Increased self-love and acceptance fills our energy wells and you know what that means-more love for everyone!

I look forward to seeing your wonderful self every Friday at 6 to get our purification on!


Michelle Boening