Manifesting Your Desires with Candle Magic

October is upon us, and I AM SO EXCITED! I love everything about this time of year. I love the bright orange and red of the leaves as they change. I adore the cozy rainy days spent cuddled with Bashful and a scary book. The crisp air makes my heart sing. And, most of all, October holds magic for me in the form of Halloween, spells, and rituals.

October is also the time of year when many of us begin to prepare for winter. We look back on our progress throughout the year, see what we have harvested, let go of what no longer serves us, and invite in the calming, restorative energy that the colder months bring. Just as winter is a time for plants, flowers, and animals to rest, so too is it a time for us to rest, become still, and travel inside.

You may remember that last October we explored some candle magic spells together. Now, typically, I shy away from repeating myself. However, there are so many wonderful rituals to help you manifest your desires, I couldn’t resist! Plus, what is October if not the PERFECT time for spells?

As I have mentioned before, the spells I will share with you are customizable. If there are words, objects, or phrases which do not resonate with you or make you uncomfortable, you can change them. If you want to incorporate religious deities such as God, Buddha, and saints into your spells, feel free. I support you in your belief system, whatever it may be.

My goal through sharing these spells with you is twofold: I want to open your mind to the opportunities which lay before you, and I want you to see how powerful you are in manifesting your desires! You have the ability to create your reality, and these spells are a great starting point.

This month, join me on Facebook Live to learn spells around:
*attracting abundance
*self-love (I think I may do this spell every week!!)
*banishing that which no longer serves you

I am thrilled you are a member of the Ananda Citta community and am honored to share these spells with you. Let’s get witchy!


Michelle Boening

P.S. Youtube has a wide variety of asmrs that are perfect for candle magic! Click here to find one that you love!