Practical Magic: Powerful Rituals for Everyday Life

In October, many people appreciate cooling temperatures, leaves changing color, and days getting shorter. Personally, I don’t just love this time of year . . . I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! While Summer is my favorite season, October is my favorite month. I adore everything that October brings: postseason baseball, leaves blowing in the street, pumpkins glowing happily on porches, that certain scent in the air that only accompanies Autumn. Cozy nights spent reading during a rainstorm, safe and warm in my home. There is a sense of magic in the air. All of these feelings got me thinking: how can I share the magic of October with you, my beautiful friends?

I wanted to create a series of Facebook Lives that truly encompassed all the feels of this month. While I believe that we are always surrounded by magic, that sense of magic is heightened in October. The veil between worlds is thinner, offering deeper connections to messages from guides and the Universe. We feel more in tune with spirits, ancestors, and animal mentors during this time. Our intuition is heightened and we are more likely to believe the unbelievable.

While we may have different spiritual beliefs, I know we all believe in something bigger than ourselves. Whether you call it Spirit, the Divine, God, Buddha, the Universe, or any other name, you know it’s out there, supporting you in life, guiding your actions. This entity is shrouded in magic and mystery: what a perfect time to learn some rituals to foster a deeper connection!

This month, join me as we learn (and do!) a few practical rituals for everyday life. We will discover:
how to find lost objects
how to cleanse your home
support for decision making
how to create a talisman for safe travels

And, on October 30, a special Halloween LIVE three-card draw!

I am SO EXCITED to share these rituals with you ~ hope to see you!


Michelle Boening