Refilling Your Energy Well

“I have no energy.”

“I’m running on empty.”

“I just need to take a break.”

There are a plethora of ways that we define feeling low, worn out, tired, and directionless. All of these feelings—while normal and okay!—are signs that your personal energy well is running out.

We need energy to do everything from running errands to schoolwork to meditating. More energy means you can accomplish more, feel better, and offer energy to others when they need it. Higher levels of energy create a more positive outlook and enable you to better handle stress and challenges. Less energy and . . . well . . . you feel as if your ship is sinking.

Energy comes in many forms: mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional to name a few. What depletes your personal energy may be something that gives energy to others, so it’s important to remember that energy looks and feels different to different people. A loud rock concert may raise your energy, while it exhausts others.

Your mental energy may become depleted, forcing you to be unproductive at completing work tasks. You may make more mistakes than usual and feel as if you can’t think clearly. Sometimes people describe this as feeling as though their heads are in the clouds.

Low emotional energy leads to feelings of helplessness and despair, in addition to not being able to support others when they need you. You may feel “stuck in a rut,” apathetic, or generally sad.

Not knowing what your life purpose is and feeling lost are sure signs of depleted spiritual energy. Additionally, you may not be called to spiritual things you typically enjoy: pulling oracle cards, meditating, or going to church.

And, of course, low physical energy causes you to sit on the couch binge-watching Dead to Me season 2 (me, just last week) all day. Of all the types of energy we have, the physical is the easiest to feel and understand: you feel tired, sleepy, and you may have physical pains like headaches and body aches.

So, what are you to do when you’re running on empty? How do you refill your energy well in order to be the best version of yourself? Through a series of Facebook Lives this month, we’ll discover:

*how to notice when your energy well is dry (and what to do about it!)

*practices to put in place to avoid running dry in the future

*your personal energy sucks 

*a two-card Tarot spread to identify the energy you are in and how to navigate through it

Join me as we learn about keeping our personal energy wells filled and refreshed.


Michelle Boening