Tarot for Self-Awareness and Growth

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is talking about mental health. Organizations, businesses, and schools are introducing ideas such as mindfulness and meditation to their mission statements and curriculum. Phrases like self-care and transformation pepper social media. But what does that look like? How do you incorporate positive mental health routines into your daily life? I want to share a few ways to empower your growth through mindfulness and reflection using Tarot.

Tarot is not only a powerful tool for things such as learning about past lives, discovering messages from your animal companion, or finding out what the year ahead looks like for you. It can also be a tool for self-awareness and growth. Tarot helps you focus your mind and tune in to your intuition. In turn, this helps you see things more clearly and from an unbiased perspective. How does that work, you ask? Read on, dear friends!

Let’s say you have a conflict with someone at work. This person always seems to be pushing your buttons. Every interaction with them makes your stomach churn and you do all you can to avoid even having contact with them. They may be overbearing, bossy, rude, or manipulative. In fact, this person may be the sole reason you are unhappy with your job. This is a perfect time to use tarot for introspection!

Here’s what to do: Using the above situation, choose a very specific question for the universe to answer while you shuffle your cards. Your question may sound something like, “What is the best way for me to deal with (person)?” or “What do I need to know about (person)?” When you feel like your cards are ready, look at the top one. What does it feel like to you? Don’t worry if you are completely new to Tarot or are unfamiliar with the meanings underneath each card – simply feel the feelings. You can journal, meditate, or pray about the card to gain insight into your question. This simple act will bring you into the present moment, encouraging mindfulness of yourself and the situation.

Another impactful way to use Tarot is for meditation. Take a few deep breaths while shuffling your cards, and when you feel like they are ready, pull the top one. Spend a few moments just looking at the card – simply feeling it. What are the people on the card doing? What symbols stand out to you? How do you relate to the colors? Now imagine that you have stepped into the world of this card. What would it feel like? What would you do or not do? Finally, consider why the universe chose this specific card for you at the moment you chose it. What lesson is there for you?

Tarot is also wonderful for self-discovery. By delving into the cards that you choose, you can learn more about parts of yourself that may be “hidden” and what to do about them. The following simple energy/action spread is a great way to start your day.

Begin by shuffling your cards and focusing on your day ahead. Your cards will reveal your energy for the day and what action you need to take. For example, your energy card may be telling you that you are working too hard, taking on too many responsibilities, or not focused on the big picture. Your action card will tell you what to do about it. After you have drawn your two cards, spend some time reflecting through journaling, prayer, or meditation. How can you use this information to enact a transformation in your life?

I have shared three beautiful ways to enhance your personal spiritual practice, but there are so many more. Almost any self-care technique can be used to support mental health and your relationship with the Divine. However, Tarot is one of my favorite tools to check in with myself and the universe to see where I am on my path and what the next possible steps may be.

If you have questions about getting started using Tarot in this way, or if concerns arise after you being your practice, please reach out! I’m here to help guide you on your journey.


Michelle Boening

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