Third Eye Blind

If I asked you to describe your Third Eye for me, what would you say? You may already know that it is located between your eyebrows, that its color is indigo, or that it has something to do with “seeing” beyond the physical realm. For many of us, this is where our understanding of this intuitive chakra ends. But I want to teach you how to tap into and enhance the power of your Third Eye Chakra.

I firmly believe that we all have spiritual vision of some sort. You may be able to see events before they happen, clearly manifest your desires, or immediately sense something is true without any physical evidence to back it up. These instances might be few and far between, or they may happen to you so often that you don’t even notice. Either way, everyone can strengthen their Third Eye Chakra. Let’s delve a little deeper into the vast potential your Third Eye offers.

Your Third Eye Chakra is connected to the Divine, and, therefore, has a plethora of spiritual powers. People who have a balanced Third Eye Chakra have a strong connection to the Divine (Spirit, God, ancestors, etc.), are highly intuitive, and understand the connection between themselves and the Universe. Often, they are also able to tap into the power of this chakra to heal others through tarot, Reiki, animal communication, acupuncture, massage, or psychic communication.

These abilities–connecting to spirit, psychicism, and trusting your intuition–often scare people, causing them to keep their Third Eye Chakra blind. Many times people are afraid of what they cannot see or “prove,” causing them to shut off their Universal connection. The human mind is always trying to make sense of things, and when it is faced with something that it cannot comprehend, it dismisses it as false.

Other times, people believe a strong Third Eye Chakra conflicts with their religious beliefs. They may see the ability to predict future events or situations based on visions and intuition as “evil” or “the devil’s work.” Rest assured, this is not true! There is room for every belief system when talking about the chakras and spirituality as a whole; you simply need to adjust your thinking to fit with your beliefs. Let me give you an example.

I was recently invited to attend church with my friend Coco. Now, if you know me, you know that I said goodbye to organized religion long ago, and have adopted a Universalist belief system. I believe that we all come from the Great Source, we just have different names for what that source is. You may call it God, others may say Spirit, and others may call it Allah. All in all, it is the same thing; something bigger than ourselves, from which we came and to where we will return.

So when I was invited to church, you may be surprised that I said YES and I had a wonderful time! Yes, there were Bible verses and prayers and communion and offerings. Yes, there was talk of God and Jesus and Hell and Heaven. But I was easily able to adapt these terms and words into my own belief system. When I hear “Heaven,” I think of the place my soul goes after I die where I will review this life and perhaps choose another. When I hear “God,” I visualize Universal energy. It took me a while to get to this point, but it is possible. Being able to hear others talk about their beliefs and not feel threatened by them is a sign you are on the right path!

While many of the abilities associated with a balanced Third Eye Chakra can be subtle, there are other, more noticeable qualities as well. A clear mind, the ability to concentrate on tasks, being decisive when decisions need to be made, and expressing yourself clearly are all benefits of a balanced Third Eye Chakra.

This month, we’ll focus on enhancing the powers of our Third Eye Chakra through:
*Learning about Third Eye Chakra basics and tarot
*Discovering blockages of your Third Eye Chakra and how to heal them
*A Third Eye Chakra healing session
*A LIVE one card draw to discover what your Third Eye Chakra wants you to know


Michelle Boening

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