We hear a lot about the benefits of meditation. A regular meditation practice can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; all while increasing happiness and focus. There are many ways to meditate: sitting, standing, walking in nature, gardening, Tai Chi, or even dancing. Engaging in any of these activities–as long as you are focusing on being present--will bring about a calmer state of mind and inner peace. In addition, many of them can be done just about anywhere.

But what about when you need time just to sit and think? I often feel a need to “get away” from things in general and immerse myself in my private sanctuary. This is what I call my meditation space–an area in my home with one purpose: to act as an oasis, a safe haven for me. The key to creating this space is fairly simple: do what feels awesome for you. So how do you create a private sanctuary? Follow these easy steps to make or enhance your space:

1.  Choose a space that makes you feel good.  Think about natural light, traffic, and noises. The area you are creating will be used for quiet contemplation, so really take some time with this decision. It does not necessarily have to be a whole room, although it certainly could be. Mine is in a guest bedroom, between our daybed and the wall: not huge by any means! If it’s a small space within a room, you can create more privacy with a screen or curtain: whatever makes you feel good.

2.  Keep the space and the room it’s in simple and uncluttered.  Keeping my space uncluttered is easy (unless it’s right after a trip to the crystal shop!), but maintaining that for the guest bedroom is sometimes a challenge. Choose items that are meaningful, positive, and beautiful to keep in your space. The old adage less is more is true here. Consider altars you might see in a church or synagogue: full of purpose, beauty, and significance. Hold this same standard for your private oasis.

3.  Consider your needs.  Where will you sit? A chair, meditation pillow, or bench may be needed. What about music? If you choose not to use your phone for this, plan out a space for a radio or CD player. Perhaps you like the thought of using essential oils when you meditate. Visualize yourself in this space and what you will need to make it a blissful experience.

The tools to create a private space are in your hands.  Set your intention to creating your area and make it happen!  I would love to hear about your journey in creating your beautiful sanctuary.