Happy February! For me, this month has always represented love. I’m not just talking about the love between two people who are in a relationship. When I think of love, I think of all the love that you give to yourself, others, and the planet. One of my favorite Beatles lyrics is from the song “The End”:

and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

This statement is profound on so many levels. With this simple sentence, The Beatles encompass the beauty of our purpose on this earth: to love and be loved. My mentor, Lynn, has more to say about love: there are two basic emotions, fear and love. Choose love. But how exactly do you “choose love?” The world makes love a very challenging option sometimes.

  1. See yourself in the other. In Hinduism, the word namaste means “I bow to the divine in you.” When you think or say namaste, you are acknowledging the divine light in the living being with whom you are communicating. That same light is inside you. This is what the phrase “see yourself in the other” means. You are the other, and the other is you.

  2. Take a breath before responding. How many times have you responded too harshly to a situation, only to regret it minutes later? When faced with a challenge, adversity, or just downright mean people, stop and breathe first. Ground yourself: visualize your energy bubble around you being pulled in to your center with each breath you take. Then you can respond.

  3. The best way to spread love is to BE love. I know this sounds cliche, but there is a mountain of truth in it. When your being is filled with love, you can’t help but spread that around. Your positive attitude and joy rubs off on others, which fills them with joy. They then pass that love on to others and, before we know it, the whole PLANET is a loving place! Repeating the mantra I am love is a beautiful way to make this a reality.

  4. Hate rots the vessel it is kept in. Just think about that for a minute. Aaaaaaaaaaand mic drop.

Namaste my lovely friends,