February means Valentine’s Day and it seems you either love it or you hate it. For those of us in positive, loving relationships, the month of February stirs feelings of gratitude and affection for our significant other. For those who aren’t experiencing the joy of an intimate relationship, February can mean sadness (why can’t I find someone?), depression (I’m not good enough), and isolation (all those happy, in-love people can suck it!). But the truth is, you don’t need anyone else to bring love into your life: you are your own best partner! You know yourself better than any other human being. Through a series of Facebook lives this month, you’ll learn how to be your own valentine by practicing the art of self-love.

Topics will include:

  • Writing yourself a love letter
  • How to protect yourself emotionally
  • Being gentle with yourself
  • Creating self-love mantras

Let me help you ignite the spark of loving yourself this month. I look forward to talking with you!


Michelle Boening