Ugh. Cold season. High allergy counts. Dust, dander and mold. Not to mention back pain, shoulder tightness, insomnia… My list of phycial ailments seems to go on and on. Sure, I could go to the doctor, get a perscription or undergo physical therapy or surgery. But I know that my body is communicating with me through my illness and pain. My emotional state is influencing my physial state: and the same is true for you.

This month we’ll be exploring the ways your emotional and mental self uses your physical self to communicate. Your back pain is most likely related to you feeling unsupported in life. Sinus drainage has to do with inner crying: not being able to fully express emotions. Even cramps are attributed to energy: they stem from resisting the flow of ife.

This October, get ready to learn what your physical pain and sickness are telling you. Additionally, we’ll dive into how to prevent physical symptoms and illness from an energetic standpoint (yes, it’s totally possible) and how to use self-talk in the midst of pain and illness.

I have long believed that our physical symptoms are an outer reflection of what our inner selves are lacking. Join me as we discover the truth behind the pain!