July brings a plethora of images to mind: bold and bright sunshine, crowded stadiums filled with baseball fans, getting comfortable under a beach umbrella during a tropical vacation, and checkered tablecloths underneath plates of food for family picnics. Many of us also turn our thoughts to Independence Day. On July 4, we celebrate our country’s independence, the freedoms citizenship affords us, and the general concept of democracy. Parties and parades and fireworks take place as we celebrate the United States and honor the legacy our founding fathers left for us all.

This year, why not add another reason to celebrate? Toast yourself and light a special sparkler to honor your own personal freedom along with the nation. Do I have you wondering what I mean by that? Yes, you are free . . . in many respects. Though you may not realize it, you may be imprisoned in ways you may have never thought about.

*Are you held captive by negative stories and abusive self-talk?
*Do you lock yourself into a victim mentality?
*Are you bound by what others think of you?
*Do the expectations of the media, family, or coworkers keep you imprisoned?

When you engage in negative self-talk, adopt a victim mentality, and put more faith in the opinions and feelings of others than in yourself, you are NOT free. You are being held captive by negativity, “perfectionism,” and other people. It’s time to stand tall in your own inner strength and beauty. You do not need the validation of other people, social media, or your family to live fully in your own light!

So often–too often–we attach our self-worth and self-talk to what others have told us or made us believe. We feel embarrassed, ashamed, or depressed when people post certain things about us on social media. We think that, if someone doesn’t treat us respectfully, we must be flawed in some way. I am here to tell you that in order to truly be free, you must gain independence from these people and situations.

Through a series of Facebook Lives this month, we will discover ways to achieve freedom from past life experiences, the opinions of others (including friends, family members, and coworkers) and negative stories and self-talk.
Additionally, I will share some self-care techniques for you to boost your inner strength and spark your self-worth. There is no one else like you, and never will be again, in the entire Universe. You truly are an amazing, unique human being! It’s time to own your power and drop your attachments to people and situations which take away your freedom.

I believe Socrates said it best: “To find yourself, think for yourself.” Join me as we bring to light your true self!


Michelle Boening