Learning to Love Your Sacral Chakra

Have you ever been told that you “wear your heart on your sleeve,” “let your emotions carry you away,” or “feel too much?” Maybe others perceive you as too rigid, obsessive or anti-social. Do you feel frustrated with aspects which are out of your control, disappointed in the decisions of others (or your own decisions), or full of shame over past mistakes?

If you feel “stuck” in not being able to access your personal power (think going with the crowd even if it’s not in alignment with what you want), are overly concerned about your social status (focusing on how many Facebook friends you have is a good example), or seem to always be in relationships which don’t serve you, then keep reading!

Many of us, from a young age, have been taught that strong emotions are not acceptable. We have been told to calm down, stop being a babyget a hold of ourselves, etc. – in other words, to repress our feelings instead of express them. This repression can make us feel the need to disassociate ourselves from our Sacral Chakra. Additionally, repressing these emotions can have some serious and long-lasting negative affects on your body, mind and spirit.

We all sit in challenging feelings from time to time. While it is normal and okay to experience these emotions, the key is to spend as little time there as possible. Short burts of high emotion related to a specific event are part of life, and part of our human experience. The joy felt when watching your favorite baseball team win the 2020 World Series or the anger bursting out of you when arguing with your partner are a few examples. However, if you notice that you have difficulty moving out of those emotional states, it can be an indication that your Sacral Chakra needs some attention.

Your Sacral Chakra sits right below your belly button, and is in charge of emotions and feelings of all kinds. Additinally, it rules creativity, self-worth, intimate relationships and your personality. Physically, this chakra affects your bladder, kidneys, pancreas, intesetines and circulatory systems, just to name a few. Therefore, imbalances in your Sacral Chakra can present themselves as issues in any of these metaphyscial and physical areas.

This month, our Facebook LIVES will focus on this beautiful chakra. We will learn:
*Sacral Chakra basics
*How to determine when your Sacral Chakra is imbalanced and what to do about it
*Easy ways to boost your creativity

A one card draw focused on what you need to do (or stop doing) to balance your Sacral Chakra will finish out the month.

I am so excited to guide you as you learn to love your Sacral Chakra!

Michelle Boening
P.S. Eager to get started? Check out these amazing Sacral Chakra guided meditations: