When I think of August, images of beaches, baseball, and back to school activities flood my mind. For me, August is when summer ends, even though the calendar says otherwise. After 22 years of teaching, my mind and body are prepared to bring my relaxing summer to a close and “get back to work.” For this reason, August has always signified a transitional time for me. This month, I want to help you make a transition of your own: together we will shift into a mindset of kindness towards all beings–including your beautiful self.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” This statement alone illustrates just how impactful a kind act can be. Holding the door for one just person, feeding just one wild animal, hugging just one tree, sharing a smile with just one stranger; all of these acts are small and easy to do, but pack a big punch. When others notice your kind acts, it prompts them to do the same. It changes mindsets–yours, those around you, and those who are the recipients of your kind act. It immediately raises your vibration and fills you, and others, with light and love.

Kindness is something our world is desperately in need of. Kindness towards ourselves, others, all living beings, and Mother Earth is essential; and YOU can be an instrument of that change! “But wait!” you may be thinking. “I am just one person! How can I change the world into a more accepting and loving place?” Consider a pebble thrown into a still pond. Even one tiny pebble will create ripples. Your kind actions are just like that pebble: it creates ripples of kindness that emanate from you to those around you, your community, your country, and the world.

But actions are just one element in our shift towards kindness for all. Kind thoughts are also extremely powerful. Simply by having kind and loving thoughts, our bodies change. Tense muscles relax, our lips turn into a smile, and our spirit feels lighter. This change is instantly noticed by you and all those you share your light with. And, just like kind actions, kind thoughts are felt by others, shifting their energy into one of loving compassion.

I know that you are already a kind-hearted, loving person; keep it up! Our goal is to look at the instances when you misstep–as we all do–and improve upon those. There are many times during my day where I catch myself thinking an unkind thought or neglecting a simple act that could have been helpful. These tiny readjustments will add up to make a significant difference in our world.

Please join me for a series of Facebook Lives this month focused on kindness. We will explore how to view yourself and others through the lens of kindness and how to engage in impactful acts of kindness. Additionally, we will be doing another LIVE two-card draw focused on one way to be kind to yourself and one way to be kind to others. I look forward to seeing you and learning with you this month! Together, we will change the world!


Michelle Boening